Network Services Stabilized

October 11, 2017 11:50AM
After significant engineering efforts by internal staff and external engineers throughout the day and night, a solution has been implemented this morning to stabilize user connections to all network services. You may still experience performance issues with BannerWeb but we are confident this will be resolved in the next hour or so.
Currently, access to LAN shared drives is being restored.
We ask ALL computer users to reboot your device.  
With the exception of BannerWeb (Self-Serve Banner), if you are having any other network connection problems, please send an email to with CONNECTION PROBLEM in the Subject line. In the email body, please state the network service that is not operating for you and the room/building in which you reside.


UIW Network Services Update … 11 Oct … Services Stability Improved … We Will Monitor Closely in AM and Update

After extensive testing and setup the network team has identified some initial fixes to provide a more stable and consistent network services experience.  We have re-engineered some key servers and updated settings that will push out to all computers on ALL campuses.  Even with these updates we will continue to monitor closely as some services may experience lingering issues, especially bannerweb.  A morning update will be provided based on more evaluation with users.

Users should reboot their computers in the morning to ensure they have the latest settings and may have to close or refresh their browser when first using.  If you still have issues please reach out to the help desk at 210-829-2721.

UIW Network Services Update

Progress continues in an effort to restore all network services.  At this time, several external services seem to be up and running, such as email and Blackboard while internal services such as Banner and others are intermittent. Senior engineers are actively engaged and we remain optimistic that all services will be restored this afternoon.

Internet Disruption Update … Most network services are now functional. Bannerweb may still experience issues.


Due to unexpected technical issues, users at UIW were having issues connecting to the internet and all related network services such as email, Blackboard, MyWord.


All buildings and campuses were affected.


This issue began about 3:45 PM on Monday October 9th.  By late evening on the 9th most service was restored and stable.


Users may still experience issues logging into Bannerweb such as the system timing out or presenting an error message.  This is a known issue and still being worked. Trying to login again may resolve the issue. There is also possibility web page loads may take a bit longer than normal.




If users have issues connecting they should first reboot their computer to ensure they have the latest settings pushed out to their machine.  After that point, if you still have issues please contact the help desk at 210-829-2721.