EMPLOYEE NOTICE: On Sept 30th all smartphones connected to UIW email or files must have a PIN/Passcode enabled

This notice only applies to UIW Employees, specifically those employees who use a smartphone or tablet to connect the UIW email and/or the OneDrive file system.  All others can disregard.

POLICY:  Beginning at 8AM of the 30th of September the University will begin enforcing a new employee connection policy.  This policy will require that any smartphone desiring to connect to UIW email or OneDrive files must have, at a minimum, a 4 digit numeric PIN enabled to lock the phone when not in use.

BACKGROUND:  Employees of UIW have a likelihood of receiving confidential or sensitive information via email or storing similar information in their OneDrive.  If the phone is not locked and the phone is subsequently lost or stolen there is a risk that important University information could be compromised.   ALL smartphone users are strongly encouraged to have a PIN/Passcode lock enabled on their personl phone even if they do not connect to UIW systems.  This is an important security practice and a must have in the modern information security landscape.


QUESTION 1:  I have a 4 digit (or longer) PIN setup on my phone.  What should I do?

ANSWER 1:  If you have a PIN already enabled you will not be required to do anything.  While 4 digits is a good baseline, we encourage users to consider 6 digits to add even greater security to their phone.

QUESTION 2:  Despite the risks, I still do not want to lock my phone.  What should I do?

ANSWER 2:  Users can delete their UIW email account from the phone and they will not be required to enable and PIN/Passcode.


QUESTION 3:  Do alpha numeric passwords or biometrics (ie. fingerprints) count?

ANSWER 3:  Yes.  As long as the alpha numeric password is at least four digits long it will count and biometrics such as fingerprints are considered the same

QUESTION 4:  How do I setup a PIN/Passcode on my phone?

ANSWER 4:  Instructions for four of the most common smartphones in use are listed below.  Simply googling the phone model and “setting a PIN or passcode” will find instructions for models not listed here.

HELP:  If you would like assistance setting up a PIN on your smartphone please feel free to stop by the HelpDesk@SEC in person or call at 210-829-2721.


Set PIN/Passcode on Iphone:  https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204060

Set PIN/Passcode on Samsung Galaxy Andriod Phones:  http://www.samsung.com/ca/support/skp/faq/1105619

Set PIN/Passcode on LG Android Phones:  http://www.lg.com/us/mobile-phones/VS950/Userguide/basics_setting_a_swipe_face_unlock_pattern_pin_or_password_for_the_first.html

Set a PIN/Passcode on Blackberry Phones:  https://help.blackberry.com/en/blackberry-classic/10.3.1/help/als1366917047036.html 



Welcome to the 10 Gig Era! 10x increase in internet bandwidth ready for 2017-18 school year…

UIW is starting the 2017-18 school year with a shiny new internet connection.  We recently finished upgrading to a “10 Gigabyte per second” circuit.  This is a 10 fold increase in capacity and will help ensure everyone is able to access any network resources they need without issue today and well into the future.

Did you know the entire Library of Congress equals 10 Terabytes of information?  With UIW’s new incredibly fast internet you could theoretically download all that information in a little over two hours!  When I was in college my 56k modem would have taken 48 years to do the same thing.  We have come long way (it wasn’t even THAT long ago).

For all the non-techies the picture below may look pretty boring, but it represents a lot of hours of work over the summer.  All well worth it in the end.

Happy surfing!