Welcome to the 10 Gig Era! 10x increase in internet bandwidth ready for 2017-18 school year…

UIW is starting the 2017-18 school year with a shiny new internet connection.  We recently finished upgrading to a “10 Gigabyte per second” circuit.  This is a 10 fold increase in capacity and will help ensure everyone is able to access any network resources they need without issue today and well into the future.

Did you know the entire Library of Congress equals 10 Terabytes of information?  With UIW’s new incredibly fast internet you could theoretically download all that information in a little over two hours!  When I was in college my 56k modem would have taken 48 years to do the same thing.  We have come long way (it wasn’t even THAT long ago).

For all the non-techies the picture below may look pretty boring, but it represents a lot of hours of work over the summer.  All well worth it in the end.

Happy surfing!