SERVICE INTERRUPTION: UIW Internet Connectivity starting at 9 PM

Due to a required upgrade by our internet provider, Spectrum, UIW Internet connectivity will be periodically interrupted this evening starting at 9 PM until 11 PM.  During these disruptions, users on all UIW campuses and residential networks will lose access to all web / internet based services.  Users off site will still have access to email, Office 365, Blackboard, eMedley, and other internet based services.


At this time all network connections should work as expected.  Wireless users may need to disconnect from the network and reconnect if they are still experiencing any issues.  This will resolve any outstanding challenges with connectivity via WIFI.  If you still experience problems please contact the UIW HelpDesk@SEC at 210-829-2721.


On Monday morning the 9th of September, the UIW network began experiencing an issue that is primarily impacting some wireless users across the campus.  A smaller subset of other users may experience issues logging in or network connectivity problems.  We are actively troubleshooting and will post further updates as more information is available.