Internet Disruption Update … Most network services are now functional. Bannerweb may still experience issues.


Due to unexpected technical issues, users at UIW were having issues connecting to the internet and all related network services such as email, Blackboard, MyWord.


All buildings and campuses were affected.


This issue began about 3:45 PM on Monday October 9th.  By late evening on the 9th most service was restored and stable.


Users may still experience issues logging into Bannerweb such as the system timing out or presenting an error message.  This is a known issue and still being worked. Trying to login again may resolve the issue. There is also possibility web page loads may take a bit longer than normal.




If users have issues connecting they should first reboot their computer to ensure they have the latest settings pushed out to their machine.  After that point, if you still have issues please contact the help desk at 210-829-2721.





For technical concerns, email

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