Attention Banner Users: Please Do NOT Update to Java 9

To All Members of the UIW Banner Community,

Ellucian has notified us that Java 9 is expected to be released this week.  Please be aware that Banner INB will not function with Java 9!  It is important that you do not select to upate to Java 9 should you be prompted to do so.  Updating to Java 9 will break Banner! We are working internally to prevent auto-updates of Java but in the interim, please do not perform the update.

Below is the information provided by Ellucian.

*** From Ellucian:  Banner 8 INB/Java 9 Update  ***

Rod Morris Sep 19, 2017 2:39 PM

As the Java 9 General Availability release is expected this week, I wanted to remind customers that Banner 8 INB is not certified with Java 9.  Oracle removed and deprecated functionality in Java 9 that impacts INB which is built on Oracle Forms technology.  Our internal testing with the release candidate(Java 9 Early-Access Build: jdk-9+180 – released on 8/1/2017) confirms that Banner INB forms will not compile or execute under Java 9.

At this time, Oracle has indicated supporting Java 9 only on Oracle Forms 12c.  Clients running Banner 8 INB should ensure Java 9 upgrades are not applied to those environments.  To avoid automatic Java updates in an environment, please review the following article on how to control these settings.

What is Java Auto Update? How do I change notify settings?


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