New Wireless Networks Rolling out!


The names of the UIW wireless networks are changing. The new networks are designed with improved user experience in mind and will help UIW meet the growing demand for wireless connectivity.  NEW WIRELESS NETWORKS ARE:

  • uiw-employees (connectivity for all employees anywhere across UIW)
  • uiw-students (connectivity for students in residence halls and academic buildings)
  • uiw-guests (provides connectivity through a registration portal…good for 24 hours per registration)
  • uiw-resnet-limited (only in residence halls for gaming consoles and similar devices)


All UIW Campuses and buildings


The new networks are available now.  The old “uiwtx-wpa” network will be turned off by close of business on Friday the 11th of August.

Users also should note that during the testing period, uiw-guests was open to anyone and did not require registration.  Starting 6pm on Sunday August 13th, all guest registration (including in residence halls) will be redirected to a guest registration portal.  UIW employees and students should use their respective wireless network rather than the guest network.



Users can login to the appropriate network with their UIW username and password.

For technical concerns, email

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