MyWord Portal Upgrade

Enterprise Applications will be partnering with the MyWord portal vendor to perform an upgrade on Friday, November 10 from 12:00AM-6:00AM. During this time the portal will not be available.

The upgrade will include a new single sign-on solution required by Banner 9. The portal upgrade will also allow for additional features to be configured such as a Password Manager solution.

Blackboard and portal access from Comcast and possibly other internet service providers…

We are currently troubleshooting connection issues that students and staff members are having connecting to Blackboard and possibly the MyWord portal from certain internet service providers, most notably Comcast and GVTC.

At this time a workaround is to simply paste the IP address below into the web browser rather than connecting through or directly through  Using this method users will be presented with a security certificate exception warning.  This is OK and expected.  Depending on the browser users can click ‘advanced’ or ‘show more’ and add or confirm a security exception to gain access to Blackboard or MyWord website. – Blackboard – MyWord